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Your own firm app for just $97 a year
Limited to one firm per zip code. If you zip code is sold out your order will not go through
Get New Clients
Gift the app to everyone you can reach by email or social media. We found that 10% to 30% of those who use the app will call you on the phone about some tax or bookkeeping problems in the next few months. See how on the video’s below.
Help Current Clients
At last, you can help your disorganized clients by giving them a free copy of AutoKept under YOUR name. All client transactions go into an online spreadsheet under your umbrella. Watch the videos below to get the entire story.
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That $97 covers your entire firm and an unlimited number of clients.
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The 3 free marketing methods we used to put hundreds of prospective clients into our funnel
If you would like to round up 10 or even 100 new business clients in 2018 start with a free gift to get prospects into your funnel. It is the fastest easiest way to build a firm.
On this video you’ll see how we added hundreds of names to our list last year without spending any money on advertising. Most free users won’t become clients but, the 10% who did made AutoKept the best marketing plan we’ve ever tried.
The 4 critical steps we discovered for getting more referrals with a free gift and discount coupon
Some of our best clients have come to us by referral. Yet, for years we just could not seem to get our current clients to ‘rave’ about us.
Once we discovered how giving our clients a use able gift that all changed.
2 Simple steps that will slash around 30 minutes in prep time on every tax return and P&L
Imagine sitting down to do a tax return or monthly report and every single transaction is fully documented with supporting contemporaneous notes.
On this short video you’ll see how we slash our production cost by an average of 30 minutes per client engagement.
AutoKept is brand new technology. The $97 per year, covers your entire firm.
Customize Your App
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Clients will see your name and contact links every time they use AutoKept. That constant exposure means your phone will ring with billing opportunities, and your practice will grow.
In the set up process you’ll tell us what to put on your custom version of AutoKept. You can change it anytime from the admin page.
Email Campaigns
Getting clients and prospects to download your app is easy. AutoKept solves a problem 99% of business owners suffer, keeping track of paperwork and letting you know the purpose of a transaction.
We’ll provide all the collateral marketing material from emails to social media post to web pages in your name.
Two times a month we do a conference call on generating new clients without spending money on advertising. Your invited.
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Text Tips
We Make It Simple
Our Text Tips make it easy for your clients to become proficient users of your app without flooding them with information.
Retain Your Clients
The first few days that your clients use the app are crucial to determine if it is something that they want to use. We are right at your clients' side throughout this critical time.
Continued Usage
We will occasionally send helpful app tips to your clients. These tips serve to remind them to use the app and clear up any points of confusion they might still have.
4 simple steps to set up your own phone app for only $97 a year
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Start working from perfect client data
At $97 per year the AutoKept app is the lowest cost client gift and
new client marketing tool you have ever seen. This app could slash your production cost by 30 min. per return or P&L since all client data with contemporaneous supporting notes and photographs of the transaction documents are in one place where you have easy access.
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